Visiting the Castle of the Counts

During my first trip to Belgium, I had the pleasure of visiting the city of Ghent (Gent.) After walking around this charming city for a while, Gravensteen Castle most definitely caught my eye. I immediately knew I had to visit, so we walked inside and purchased tickets for […]

Japan: Kawaii, Samurai, and Hiroshima

There’s something about Japan that fascinates and intrigues at the same time. For a start, the Japanese culture is often perceived as sophisticated and thoughtful, compared to the more buoyant and loud Western culture. There’s a natural sense of zen that everybody associates with Japan. There’s also an […]

Sam Travel Assistant App Review

Being organized while traveling can prove to be a challenge sometimes. You’ve got multiple reservations to keep track of, including seat numbers to remember, departure and arrival times, and addresses to remember. Not to mention the chance that your flight could be delayed, the weather could change, or […]