The Loneliest Road in America

On our way home from Reno this past July, we ended up taking a road I had never heard of before. We saw that we were going to be taking a route called Highway 50 for a few hundred miles. Highway 50 actually stretches across the entire United States, from California to Maryland. It is... Continue Reading →

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Chicago and Riot Fest Day 2

The morning after my first day at Riot Fest I was pretty much exhausted. It was hotter than we expected the day before, and that alone can really drain your energy. It was set to be just as warm for the last two days of the festival, but I felt better prepared after my day... Continue Reading →

Chicago and Riot Fest Day 1

This past September, four of us went to Chicago for Riot Fest. If you aren't familiar, Riot Fest is a 3-day music festival which also includes a carnival and plenty of other cool things to do, see and buy. We arrived in Chicago the evening before Riot Fest was set to start. We checked into... Continue Reading →

New Year, Grand Canyon

A couple of years ago we went to the Grand Canyon West on New Year's Day. We were staying in Las Vegas and decided to make the reasonable 2.5 hour drive to see something amazing. I knew that the Grand Canyon was huge, but before this trip, I wasn't aware of the different areas of... Continue Reading →

Your New Favorite Backpack

Recently, I got a Duraton backpack from the newly launched company. I like to use backpacks for traveling, I just feel that they are a more convenient option when practical. Luckily for me, it looks like I found the perfect backpack.   This backpack is both lightweight and has tons of space. It also has... Continue Reading →

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