My Place Hotels | Anchorage, Alaska

After driving over 4,000 miles from Knoxville, Tennessee, we were so excited to arrive in Anchorage!

During our time driving through Canada, we had been car camping. This is definitely a fun and unique experience, but I was more than ready for a comfortable bed and a shower.


We were all (dogs included) excited to arrive at the My Place Hotels location in Anchorage. The greeting from the staff was as wonderful as we had previously experienced at My Place locations, so that is always something that we look forward to!

One of the first things that we noticed in our room was the view. The beautiful, snow-capped mountains outside of our window gave us a further reminder that we had actually driven across North America and we were so excited to be visiting Alaska!

After being in a car for a few days, we were more than ready to do some laundry. Instead of having to go to a laundromat, we were able to take care of this right at our hotel! MyStore luckily sells laundry detergent (I had definitely forgotten to get any!), so we stopped by and picked up supplies. Getting to wash our clothes and sleeping bags was a huge relief since we still had a long while left in our trip!


Something that I had not previously considered was the fact that it is May and we were in Alaska. Meaning, the sun was going to be up much earlier and hang around much later than I was used to!


I was more than happy to find out that the window shade did an absolutely fantastic job of keeping our room dark when we were sleeping. This means a lot when you’re trying to catch up on sleep.

The location of the hotel was also great. Close to shopping and food, and also close enough to other areas that we could easily get out to the main road and drive to see the amazing scenery!














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  1. Land of the Midnight Sun. I recall being in Yellowknife twice on the Summer Solstice. The sun never really goes down. In fact they have a Midnight Golf Tournament and have no trouble seeing the course and the ball. Hope to see some posts on your trip. We still hope to drive the Alaska Highway some day as it starts not far from us. Safe Travels. Allan

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