The Most Advertised US Road Side Attraction | Visiting Wall Drug

Roadside attractions in the United States are usually fun little stop-offs that take a couple of minutes to visit. You stop, snap photos, and move on. Usually, if you didn’t previously know about the attraction, or if it doesn’t look that interesting from the road, you may not bother stopping. Wall Drug is one stop that I recommend you take time for.


On one of my previous road trips through South Dakota, while heading towards the Badlands, I started to notice signs for something called Wall Drug. I really didn’t give it any thought, as I had no desire to stop at some random drug store.


After a while, more and more signs started to pop up. They advertised things to do and see at Wall Drug, making it sound like a significant stop. That time, we did not end up taking the time to stop and kept moving on. After leaving our My Place Hotel room in Rapid City, the signs finally got my attention.

The Most Advertised US Road Side Attraction

I can’t confirm that this is the most advertised roadside attraction in the United States, as no one seems to know the actual number of signs on the road. I did end up counting 76 signs within 13 miles as we were approaching Wall, South Dakota. Apparently, this advertising has paid off, as they are said to receive 20,000 visitors during some days during the summer months!

What Is Wall Drug?

Wall Drug Store is essentially a tourist attraction with lots to do. It started as a drug store that gained popularity by offering free ice water to those who stopped by. The city of Wall has a speed limit of 20, and Wall Drug seems to take up most of the small town.

Wearing my favorite comfortable Rohan shirt! 

One of the other things they use as a big advertisement is the fact that they still offer coffee for five cents. On the inside, Wall Drug is basically a mini-mall. You can buy plenty of souvenirs and even jewelry.

I am sure this place was more interesting and useful back when it started, but it seems to be a place that focuses more now on getting tourists to come to buy things. Not that there is anything wrong with that, after all, every business has to make money to stay open.

There is also a rather large restaurant here, so if you find yourself doing some shopping you can also grab a bite to eat. The “backyard” of Wall Drug has plenty of photo ops, with props set up all around.

Should I Visit Wall Drug?

As with many roadside attractions, this is totally dependant upon what kind of attractions you like. There are plenty of people who would love stopping here. The five cent coffee, the shopping, the restaurant, and the opportunity for photos can certainly be alluring. It is definitely a populated place to stop when you are heading to Badlands National Park or Mount Rushmore. 

Even though I didn’t buy anything, I am definitely glad I stopped. It is pretty difficult seeing so many signs and not being curious as to what Wall Drug has to offer!

20 thoughts on “The Most Advertised US Road Side Attraction | Visiting Wall Drug

  1. We stopped here in 2018 and it was a hoot. We went for the 5 cent coffee and fresh cherry pie. The coffee was worth 5 cents and the pie may have been fresh……some time. A good stop to stretch your legs on an otherwise boring stretch of high speed highway. Allan

      • Oh no, I think we are going the opposite direction! We are in Iowa right now, heading north to Lake Itasca then west into the Dakotas. We will be in Wall either Friday or Saturday!

      • Ah, okay!! Well if you’ve got some spare time you may want to stop and stretch your legs there for a bit! 🙂 You’ll definitely see the signs haha

  2. I absolutely love hearing your adventures and Wall Drug is a place everyone should experience at least once. It’s definitely a throwback to a long gone era. Thanks for sharing.

  3. voyagesofmine – Stopped there about 40 years ago with my young children. Definitely worth the time – they loved it, it was a nice break from the drive across the country and all kinds of unique gifts and gadgets.

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