My Last Minute Visit to Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame has been on nearly every traveler’s bucket list, especially those who dream about the city of Paris, France. While visiting Paris, I knew that this is one of those must-see attractions; however, I came so close to missing it!



This was my first time being on a 6 hour difference time schedule. The city was gorgeous, although the rain didn’t seem to want to cut us any slack. During our fourth day in the city, we were exhausted. That evening we arrived back to our Airbnb, did the usual seven-story walk up, and laid on the bed in our temporary tiny home.

We were tempted to call it a night at that point. We had an early train to Belgium the next day and we had been walking around all day long. The only major Paris thing we had not seen was Notre Dame. We would have to get back into our wet shoes, go down seven flights of stairs, walk to the train, and then have that lovely seven-story walk up once again when we got back.

We decided that it was now or never and headed down the winding stairs. The first thing we noticed of the cathedral was its marvelous architecture. We went inside and were lucky enough to see a service that was happening at the time. There was a sense of community that was far beyond a religious experience. People from very different backgrounds had all gathered and traveled here just to appreciate a truly beautiful place. An architectural beauty that is forever cemented in the hearts of many.



The lesson learned for us, if not painfully obvious, is that it is always worth it to venture out to that one last thing you didn’t go see. Even if it means having to brave the elements, pay a little extra, or being out during a busy time. I would much rather regret something that I took the time to do, rather than regret something that I simply didn’t make time for. Months or year later, you’ll have that memory and not the memory of your temporary “inconveniences.”

Is there a place that you’ve decided to visit at the last minute?


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