The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Memorabilia

Heading to another country in the near future? Planning to explore Europe or just relax on a beach in Bali? Whatever you’re doing, it’s always good to bring back something to help you remember your travels. It could be a small souvenir or it could be just a photograph with the locals. Whatever it is, it’s sure to be an important piece of memorabilia that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

At least, that’s the idea.

Nowadays, social media has trivialized memorabilia to the point that we might not even purchase a souvenir. Everyone just takes pictures and videos and shares them on the internet as proof of their travels. This is definitely an effective way to remember a holiday, but there’s something so pure and traditional about bringing home some kind of memorabilia and it surpasses any kind of digital representation available.


So to help you create better holiday memories, we’ve put together this ultimate guide to holiday memorabilia.

Memorabilia should be something tied to an experience

In this sense, you could transform pretty much anything into memorabilia but it needs to be meaningful. Simply purchasing a shirt in a store will surely help you remember the holiday, but it won’t help you remember specific experiences. Instead, consider turning something into memorabilia that helps to mark the experiences you have. For instance, a photo is often a great way to celebrate an occasion, a meeting or even a situation that occurred. You could also consider bringing something home with you, such as a book of phrases that you’ve been adding to as you travel or a paper map you used to navigate around.

There are plenty of ways to make a photo special

While photos serve as the most standard form of holiday memorabilia, there are many ways to take them to the next level. For example, this website offers professional photographers that are local to the area. This means that they know the best places to take photographs for certain situations and they’re also professionals that can set up beautiful scenes and ensure that the photographs are top-notch in quality. This will ensure that you get large, color-accurate and long-lasting photographs that will last a lifetime.

Memorabilia should be put on display whenever possible

There are fantastic ways to make use of the memorabilia you bring home. If you’ve purchased any souvenirs or brought back things like rocks, shells and pictures, then you can display these on a shelf that is reserved for all of your holiday travel experiences. You can then label that section of the shelf and write down some information about where you went. If you still have it, you could even just stick your flight tickets onto the shelf so that you know where you went, what you brought back and perhaps even who you met. If you’ve mainly taken photographs, then there are plenty of ways to display photos but you can also turn them into crafts. This can include creating coasters, postcards or even a collage in a scrapbook.

Keep all the stuff you’d normally throw away

Whether it’s a cinema ticket, a travel pass or even a fancy-looking wrapper for some sweets or chocolate, try and keep as much stuff as you can to take home with you. These are unique types of holiday memorabilia because you could potentially even order them chronologically so that you get an exact timeline of what happened, when it happened and even where it happened. Just take a small wallet or bag with you can keep all of these miscellaneous items inside of it to keep them safe and somewhat organised.

Take a notebook or diary with you


A notebook is not only a great way to write down stuff about your travels each night before you go to bed, but it can also serve as a scrapbook of holiday memorabilia. You could stick everything from newspaper clippings to travel passes onto it, and you can even use it to write down phrases you learned, social media pages of the people you meet and even important bits of information such as meeting times. Once you come back home, you can turn your holiday scrapbook into a living piece of holiday memorabilia that will document your travels and contain lots of unique bits and pieces of your experience. Just remember to keep the notebook safe and to use a rather sturdy one so that it preserves all of the information inside.







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  1. Nice post. It’s true photographs has diminished the importance of souvenirs. but also the amount of useless stuff. I always buy clothes (that I will actually wear) or bags – or things for the home like carpets or lamps.

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