Visiting the Church of St. Nicholas | Ljubljana Cathedral

The Ljubljana Cathedral, also known as the church of St. Nicholas, in the Slovenian capital city is without a doubt one of the top things to see in Ljubljana. The church towers over the city and is conveniently located near all sorts of food and stores. This building and the castle are likely the most iconic features of this city. This makes for a great meeting place for tourists and travelers.

When wandering the streets of Ljubljana, there is a great amount of beautiful architecture to view. The cathedral sticks out as one of the most iconic structures of Ljubljana.


The Green dome and the two towers make this easy to spot when crossing the historic Dragon Bridge. Once you pass over the bridge, the entrance is located in the alley. The gorgeous door makes it hard to miss!


The large and heavy door to the church is quite gorgeous and typically has a crowd trying to get pictures of its features. The door was added by Pope John II when he paid a visit in 1996. Everyone takes turns rubbing one spot on the bottom right of the door for good luck. 

When entering the church, your eyes don’t seem to know what to focus on first. There is fantastic art from wall to ceiling that is so colorful and amazing. The magnificent pipe organ is above the pue seats and beautifully carved choir stalls. As if there wasn’t enough in the cathedral to keep you there all day already, the main altar with the angels above is a masterpiece all its own. 


This church is by far one of the most beautiful and historic things I have seen. This is a must-see for anyone traveling in Eastern Europe.


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