A Walking Visit to the Ljubljana Castle

With it only being a days bus ride away from Munich, Germany, the city of Ljubljana, Slovenia is a must-see city for all European tourists. This city has two of my favorite things: history and a castle.


While most people generally opt for taking the funicular railway up to visit the Ljubljana Castle, I accidentally ended up taking the steep walking trail there. While looking for the funicular, I happened upon this path and decided to just go for it.


Not only is the trail to the castle a hell of a workout, but it is also a really interesting way to approach the castle.

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The path is pebbly and quite steep at times, so I would definitely recommend some decent walking shoes for the journey. (you know, like slip-on vans)


This medieval fortress overlooks the city and guarantees one of the best views of Ljubljana.


There are many things to do and see at the Ljubljana Castle, but one of my favorite things has to be the Outlook Tower. As someone who is not a huge fan of heights, I was a little taken aback after climbing up the stairs of this tower and stepping out. I quickly adjusted and was amazed by the views of Ljubljana.


With separate stairs that go both up and down, you don’t have to worry about running into people in the narrow stairwells.


Inside the castle, you will find some interesting Slovenian history. Split into six sections, the exhibition covers the entire known history of Slovenia, back to around 200,000 years ago.


The castle also hosts a few things that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to find in a fortress including a nightclub and a Puppet Museum. Slovenia is actually a country that is rich with puppeteering history!


While there, you can also visit the art exhibitions, a cafe, and two restaurants while on the grounds.


Do note that the castle itself has been largely redone on the inside so you can expect that as opposed to an older interior. (Not my favorite thing, but I can understand why it may have been necessary.)

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