My Place Hotel | Minot, North Dakota

After leaving our adventure in Chicago on our journey to Alaska, our next stop was to stay at the My Place Hotels location in Minot, North Dakota. Although the visit was short, this was my first time in the state of North Dakota and My Place made me feel more than welcome!


This particular location is actually the original home of My Place Hotels, so I was very excited to visit! The hospitality at the front desk was the same that I have learned that I can expect from the company.


We arrived late after hitting some unexpected traffic on the way (you never know what will happen on a road trip, so I have learned that delays are usually inevitable at some point!).


Despite our late arrival, the lady at the front desk quickly checked us in and was even able to provide us with the Breakfast in Bed option despite our late arrival.


Minot is the fourth largest city in North Dakota and is located only around an hour from the Canadian border. If heading to Canada, this is the perfect stop to relax and get ready to continue your adventure!


We were excited to arrive at My Place after a long drive to get some rest and relaxation! We walked our pets around the property so that they could stretch their legs after being in the car for a good part of the day. Even though we arrived late, we were happy to know that we felt safe in the area so that walking our dogs around for a while was relaxing for us all!


After returning to the room, we were more than ready to relax in the super comfortable lounge chair and get a little work done.


It is always nice to be welcomed to your hotel with such hospitality after a long journey. The next morning, it was nice to have hot coffee available in the fully stocked lobby! Check out My Place Hotels to book your own stay!







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8 thoughts on “My Place Hotel | Minot, North Dakota

  1. Great review! I’ve never heard of My Place hotels before, so I’ll have to look into them. Best of luck and love on your journey to Alaska. The road ahead will be amazing for you, I know!

  2. Hotels can make or break your travels. Glad you found a good one. Our stay in ND was in Watford City and it would have been a lot poorer if not for the nice hotel Teddy’s. Happy travels. Allan

    • It was a better hotel, but, Watford City likely did not live up to Minot for excitement. It was a very small oil town, with few good restaurants and not even walkable (too may pickups). Cheers Allan

      • Yeah, I suppose the further west you go in the Dakotas it’s all oil towns. I’ve gone through quite a bit of the eastern side of the 2 Dakotas, but have really not done anything west of either Pierre or Bismarck (or Minot). Enjoy your drive north-west!

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