3 Of The Best Hiking Locations Around The Globe

When you’re traveling to the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world, the best way to experience them is to hike through them. It’s the only way that you can get up close and personal with nature and really experience everything that these amazing places have to offer. If you’re the kind of person that likes luxury and relaxation then hiking might not be for you, but if you love the great outdoors, it’s the ideal way to spend a trip. If you think that hiking might be for you, these are some of the best places to go around the world.

Kings Canyon, Australia


Australia is known for its vast open landscapes so it’s no surprise that there are some great hiking destinations there. If you’re going on your first hike, you need to find a relatively easy route, otherwise, you’re not going to have a very good time. Kings Canyon is one of the best beginner hikes in the world because it’s a simple route and it should take you somewhere between 2 and 4 hours to cover the 6km, depending on your pace and how confident you are with the hike. But that doesn’t mean you’re missing out on any beautiful scenery because Kings Canyon has plenty of it. It’s a few hours drive from Uluru which is a very popular tourist destination in this area of Australia. If you want to ease yourself into hiking and you don’t want to be camping out in the middle of nowhere, it’s easy to stay in Uluru and then drive over to do the hike, then drive back in the evening.

Dolomites, Italy


The Dolomites is a stunning area of Italy with lots of incredible mountain ranges, so there are plenty of great hiking routes that you can try. There are some that are suited to intermediate hikers but the majority of them are more advanced so you should only try these hiking trails once you’re a bit more experienced. There is quite a lot of climbing involved so it’s vital that you’ve got some good quality boots and a hiking staff to help you keep your balance. It’s a tough climb but it’s worth it because you’ll reach some high peaks where you’ll get an incredible view of the surrounding mountains.

The Great Wall Of China



The Great Wall of China attracts a lot of visitors every year but most of them stick to the areas that have been well restored. But there are so many portions of the wall that haven’t been updated for years and they’re great for hiking along. Once you get away from all of the tourists, you’ll find areas of the wall that are crumbling and filled with all sorts of obstacles to get over. In some areas, the vegetation has started to grow back over the wall. It’s a great hike and you’ll get to experience a piece of history at the same time.


These are some of the best hiking locations around the world where you can get in touch with nature and have a real adventure.   










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