Visiting The Sign Post Forest Of The Yukon, Canada

Located near the border of British Columbia and the Yukon territory along the Alaska Highway, there is a unique stop to be seen in Watson Lake. After car camping for three days through Canada and seeing some amazing wildlife, this was a really neat thing to see.

The Sign Post Forest is unlike anything I have ever seen. Before we set off on our journey to Alaska, I was curious exactly what we would encounter in the Yukon. I of course read that it is full of beautiful wildlife (which it most definitely is), and that I could expect to have no cell service. Luckily, whenever you run into a small town you will generally get cell service, even if only for a few minutes. This will give you plenty of time to pre-load your gps!

With over 77,000 signs from all around the world, this is one stop you aren’t going to want to miss. Although you may not expect to see a tourist attraction this far into the middle of the Alaska Highway, be prepared to want to explore.


The Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake actually began back in 1942. Watson Lake was a military base at this time, and this area is where a soldier by the name of Carl K. Lindley began this tradition.

When appointed a task to fix a directional sign that was already standing, Lindley decided to add his own sign. The sign that he added included the mileage to his hometown as well as an arrow pointing in that direction. Soon, others on the base began to follow suit. Eventually, a huge trend caught on.


The Sign Post Forest in located on the Alaska Highway, not long after you pass into the Yukon territory from British Columbia. When you begin to see signs for Watson Lake, you know you are getting close.

Although Watson Lake is a rather small town, as long as you are paying attention you shouldn’t have any issues spotting the forest. It is located at historic mile 635 on the Alaska Highway. There is a parking lot nearby, so you can stop for a while and explore the rather large forest that this area has grown in to.


The 10,000th sign was added to the Sign Post Forest back in 1990. Today, there are an astonishing 77,000 signs in the forest. You will see signs from all around the US and Canada, as well as signs from places like the Autobahn.

Not only will you see signs from all around the world, but you will also see equipment that were used in the construction of the Alaska Highway. There was also a time capsule placed in the forest in 1992, which will be opened in 2042.


If you are in the area, you really might as well take a few minutes out of your day to visit this unique attraction. Since you likely won’t have anything better to do for a while, use this as an opportunity for some unique photos and a story to tell your friends.

Signs here range from license plates to road signs to handmade signs. Due to the fact that it is ever expanding, don’t get discouraged if you can’t find a place for your sign right away! Take the time to puruse the vast area and find a new home for your sign. By planning ahead, you will love adding a piece of yourself to this impressive, if not odd, attraction.

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    • Oh my gosh, yes! We saw so much wildlife it was crazy and beautiful. Thankfully each time we were in our car when we happened upon one of these guys!

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