Ormond Beach: The Alternative to Daytona Beach

The cold weather at the moment undoubtedly has many people wishing they were on a warm beach somewhere. Since our minds are already there, I thought this would be a good time to talk about one of my favorite lesser known beaches.

Daytona Beach, FL is well known for many reasons. The fact that it is well known obviously means that it is going to be very crowded. More popular beaches, such as this one, also tend to be a little less fun in my opinion. While I don’t particularly mind crowds, I also don’t want to get trampled while trying to enjoy the beach.

Ormond Beach, FL

Ormond Beach is the neighbor of Daytona Beach. It is smaller, less crowded, and has an overall smaller beach town feel.

Where to Stay

While there are no shortages of options when you are looking for a place to stay in Ormond, I’d like to share with you my personal favorite. The Lotus Boutique Inn & Suites has always treated me well. It isn’t crazy expensive, yet it is right on the beach. It has a “beach hotel” feel, which I love. The rooms are nice, there is a pool, and the hotel is pet friendly. I couldn’t really ask for more.

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What to Eat

While you will of course have your options of the usual chain restaurants, there are also some great local places that you may want to check out.

Charlie Horse Restaurant 



River Grille



Riptides Raw Bar & Grill


Things to Do

If you want a little break from the beach, here are some other things you can check out in the area!

The Casements


The Casements mansion is know as “The Jewel of Ormond Beach.” Once home to the writer John D. Rockefeller, it has been restored and now functions as the Cultural Center for the City of Ormond Beach. Open Monday – Saturday.

Andy Romano Beachfront Park


This four acre park stretches across the beach. A great place to relax that offers picnic tables, gazebos, outdoor grills, a splash pad and of course beach access.

Ormond Brewing Company


Stop by to sample some locally brewed beer. There is no food served here, but they encourage you to bring your own! They have a large outdoor patio and beer garden for you to enjoy. Friday and Saturday nights feature live music.


Have you visited Ormond Beach? What’s your favorite lesser known beach?



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