An Evening Out In Munich, Germany


After arriving in Munich Germany from a long day of traveling, once the initial jet lag wore off I was extremely excited by the idea of immersing myself and be around all sorts of culture I had not seen before. After an amazing afternoon in the Christmas market, we were really excited to try to find some food. 

Augustiner Ewiges Licht while intimidating to say was not only a great place to find a bite to eat, and was extremely warm welcoming to tourists. This pub has a fun environment for everyone, even those not native to the language. Most of the time there was American classic rock bar music playing. Upon arrival, the host did not speak any English, but we were quickly pointed to a woman that would be able to communicate with us. This same woman ended up being our waitress for the entire evening and made a lot of helpful suggestions. 


Of course, one of the main dishes we had seen Ewiges Licht was famous for was their wiener schnitzel. After ordering a round of a few beers it seemed the most appropriate time to begin throwing deep-fried meat on top. We decided to get two wiener schnitzels. One was the traditional breading, and the other was a mustard breading. Both came with golden fries served in really cute deep frying buckets. Both of the wiener schnitzels were amazing. The mustard one tasted as though it had already dipped in imaginary honey mustard, and I have to say it tasted awesome. 


This restaurant felt so warm and welcoming that if it wasn’t for everyone speaking another language I would have sworn I was in my native country. Every now and then the room would erupt with chanting and cheering for a party that we were not aware of at first. This pub was exactly what the spirit needed after a long day of traveling to rekindle the drive to be immersed in the culture. 



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