New York: Day 2

On our second day in New York, we ventured to the American Museum of Natural History.  I had always wanted to go there, so I was excited! Something you may or may not know, you can pay whatever you want to get into the museum. If you pay […]

New York: Day 1

This previous December, myself, my husband and two of our friends drove from Tennessee to New York. Since you don’t really need a car in New York, we could have just flown. We like road trips though, and since we had the time, we decided to drive. We […]

My First Time in Canada

Having never been out the country before, the first time I went to Canada I was very excited! We had decided on driving so that we could go some other places afterwards. As we approached the border, I found that I was getting nervous. I felt like I […]

Bringing your Dogs on Vacation

One of the most difficult parts about going on a vacation can be leaving your animals behind. This is why, given the right circumstances, you should definitely bring them along! Not only can you miss your animals while you are gone, but sometimes it can save you money […]