3 Reasons You’ll Want to Visit Maryland

Maryland may not be the first place you think of visiting when exploring the United States. Likely states such as California, New York, and Florida may be on your mind. You’ll definitely regret it if you underestimate the wonderful state of Maryland!

It is sometimes referred to as a miniature America because it has a little bit of everything that makes the country so great. These are just a few of the reasons that Maryland is the ideal place for a first time visitor to the US.


Rich History


The history of the US is a varied and exciting one that you’ll want to experience. Of course, every destination has its history but Maryland is one of the best places to see the history of the American Revolutionary War, one of the defining periods in the country’s history. The city of Annapolis was the temporary capital city of the United States during the war and it was also a strategic location for the navy, so there is a lot of history to be found here. You can stay in the Best Western Annapolis which is only a stone’s throw away from the historical center. While there, you can explore the old cobbled streets and soak up the history before heading to one of the areas many modern bars and restaurants.


Great Beaches


Everybody loves relaxing on the beach and soaking up the sun. Miami probably springs to mind when you think of great beach destinations in the US, but Maryland has some amazing beaches too. Assateague Island National Seashore is one of the best beach destinations that there is in Maryland because it has some amazing wildlife. This massive uninhabited stretch of coastline is filled with wild horses that roam up and down the beach and if you look out to the sea, you might catch a glimpse of some dolphins, sea turtles, and even whales. The rest of the beaches in Maryland are great too because they’re all bordered by great beach towns with plenty of activities to keep you entertained.


Amazing Landscapes


Maryland gets its title of a miniature America because of the diverse range of landscapes you can find there. The beaches are just a small part of it, on the other side of Maryland, you can find the stunning Appalachian mountains with lots of hiking trails in the surrounding area. In between, you’ll pass through rolling hill landscapes covered in farmland, as well as bustling cities like Baltimore. It really does have a little bit of everything so you can see a cross-section of American life in one place.


The US is filled with so many amazing places to visit, but if you want a taste of everything that it has to offer, Maryland is the ideal place for your first visit!





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