6 Things to See in Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a beautiful Austrian city that should make any travelers bucket list. Vienna is known as both the City of Music and the City of Dreams. Sounds like a place you should check out!


After my recent visit to Vienna, I have found a few things that you definitely need to experience when you get the chance to explore this amazing city.

Mozart Monument


Located in the Burggarten in the Innere Stadt district, this monument dedicated to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has been here since 1953. The statue was originally unveiled in 1896 until it received damage during WWII. During the warmer months, you can find flowers planted inside of the clef. Not only is it interesting to visit, but it also makes for great photos!



St. Stephen’s Cathedral


Take a tour, attend a mass, or enjoy a concert at the great St. Stephen’s Cathedral. The current form of the cathedral was in a large part initiated by Duke Rudolf IV between 1339-1365, and it sits upon the ruins of two churches that were earlier in its place. If you choose a guided tour, you have the option to go underground inside of the cathedral to visit the catacombs.




Hotel Beethoven 


I was lucky enough to stay in this gorgeous hotel during my time in Vienna. Both the hotel and those who work there are nothing short of spectacular. Hotel Beethoven is a 4-star hotel and is opposite the famous Theater an der Wien. The hotel offers an extensive buffet breakfast to get your day started. You can also enjoy Salon Ludwig, a quaint library right inside the hotel! If you are there on a weekend, you can enjoy music from a professional pianist in the salon.




The Hofburg


A former imperial palace, the Hofburg now holds the Sisi Museum, Imperial Apartments, and Silver Collection. Inside the museum you will find numerous items that belonged to Empress Elisabeth including items such as parasols, gloves, clothing, her traveling medicine chest, and even her official death certificate. You will even find the black coat that was used to cover her body after her assassination.


Theater an der Wien


This famous opera house opened on June 13, 1801. This venue was a favorite of Ludwig van Beethoven. While he was composing Fidelio, he actually lived in rooms inside of the theater. While I wanted to see a performance there, the show ended up not going on. If you decide to try out this wonderful experience, please be aware of any cancellations as well as the fact that they operate different locations. Plan accordingly!


St. Michael’s Church


untitled-12-17.jpgWhile there are many churches and cathedrals to visit while in Vienna, this was another one of my favorites. One of the oldest churches in Vienna, it was dedicated to the Archangel  Michael. On December 10, 1791, a historical musical event took place inside of the church. As Mozart’s funeral was taking place, a partial performance of his piece Requiem was played for the first time. The church also houses interesting catacombs. Due to the environment, bodies do not decompose there.


While one could spend two weeks in Vienna exploring, this short list will help you get off to a great start!




*This is a collaborative post with Vienna Tourism Board, but as always, all opinions are my own.


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