This Versatile Bag Is A Must-Have For Traveling

Before the Lil Hombre, I never knew that travel bags could be so versatile. While on the Red Oxx website, I saw that the bag was a hybrid; however, I didn’t realize just how good of a hybrid bag it was going to be!


The Lil Hombre easily converts from a duffel style bag to a backpack, making it easy to transport your things in whatever way is the most comfortable for you. Personally, when walking through the airport, I love having the convenience of throwing my bag on my back and getting to my gate.

Speaking of flying, this bag is the perfect size to use as a carry-on! And don’t think for a second that this means you can’t fit a lot of things in this bag. Built with clinch-down compression straps, even larger items can fit into the bag with ease. I was personally able to fit two-weeks worth of clothing into this one bag! No joke. I hate having extra bags around, so when I discovered that I was able to get away with using only one bag, I was more than pleased.


Not only does this bag fit a lot, but it is made as a true, high quality bag. This bag isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Double stitching, large zippers, and bound with two separate pieces of fabric, this is not one of those low quality bags that you have to worry about falling apart on you during your vacation. (I had a suitcase almost rip open thousands of miles from home. You don’t want this.)


The next time you travel, do yourself a favor and make the Lil Hombre from Red Oxx your go-to bag!








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