Top 5 Things to see in Ljubljana Slovenia 

When looking for your next romantic medieval getaway, Ljubljana, Slovenia offers all sorts of architectural gems to marvel at. The city is not overly large, so the best part is a lot of these sites can be seen in one day, or are within walking distance of each other. Here are a few places to check out to get you started during your visit to Ljubljana!


IMG_0655.jpg1. Ljubljana Town Square

Ljubljana Town Square is one of the major squares in the city. The town hall is in the town square and has a copy of the Robba Fountain outside. You’ll find plenty of shops and food stops in this area, so this is a great place to spend some time!


IMG_0782.jpg2. Franciscan Monastery and Church of the Annunciation 

The Franciscan Monastery and Church of the Annunciation are the two main buildings that make up the appearance of the Prešernov trg Square. During the winter and Christmas season in the square, the lights are spectacular. If you are there during Christmas in the evening, be sure to hang around until sunset to watch the lights be turned on!



IMG_0550.jpg3. Ljubljana Cathedral

Hands down one of the most beautiful churches in Europe. The Ljubljana Cathedral towers over the city and draws one’s eye when you see the cityscape. This is right next to all the markets and all sorts of good food. Stroll inside and gaze at the amazing architecture.



IMG_0764.jpg4. Dragon Bridge 

The Dragon Bridge connects the city across the Ljubljanica River and is one of the most iconic places to see while visiting the city. This bridge is one of the most photogenic areas in Ljubljana. This is a great place to begin your visit. As you stroll over the bridge, there will be several architectural things around to see, along with the castle at the top of the city straight ahead.



IMG_0758.jpg5. Ljubljana Castle

Typically people will opt for the funicular railway up to visit the Ljubljana Castle. The walk to the Ljubljana Castle is not for those looking for a leisurely stroll, but no matter which way you take, you will not soon forget this medieval marvel and all of its views. If you decide to walk up to the castle, you will get some unique views of the city through the trees!


While there are many things to do while visiting the city of Ljubljana, this short list will get you off to a great start on your journey. If you are visiting for multiple days, spread these things out and really take your time getting into the depths of the city!


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  1. I loved this, and the photos are incredible! My family is from Slovenia, and I’ll be going to Ljubljana for the first time in April. Sadly, only for three days, but this has given us so much insight into the city. Did you make it to Lake Bled?

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