Switchfoot at The Mill & Mine | 2/15/19

This past Friday, Switchfoot played to a packed out house at The Mill & Mine in Knoxville, TN. It was instantly evident that Switchfoot draws out a diverse crowd at all ages, proving that this band has something for everyone.



This show was the second in their Native Tongue Tour, which kicked off on Feb. 14.


With Native Tounge being released only about a month ago, it has proved to be an instant hit with their audience.

“Before we learn to hate. Love is our Native Tongue.” – Jon Foreman

A brief hiatus in 2017 left the band questioning, “why are we doing this?” Singer Jon Foreman soon realized that the answer to “why” was simply to “pursue joy.”


Native Tongue marks the band’s 11th record since the 1997¬†debut of The Legend of Chin.



The setlist for the Knoxville tour date was as follows:

  1. Let it Happen
  2. Meant to Live
  3. Voices
  4. Stars
  5. Float
  6. Live It Well
  7. I Won’t Let You Go
  8. Dig New Streams
  9. Oh! Gravity.
  10. Twenty-Four
  11. The Shadow Proves the Sunshine
  12. All I Need
  13. Love Alone Is Worth The Fight
  14. Native Tongue
  15. Hope Is The Anthem
  16. Where I Belong
  17. Needle and Haystack Life
  18. Prodigal Soul
  19. Dare You To Move




Switchfoot will be continuing their Native Tongue Tour over the next few months. You can see upcoming dates and get tickets at Switchfoot.com.


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