Top Christmas Markets In Europe

Europe is always magical, especially during the holiday season. If you are visiting during the winter, chances are you will want to check out some of the famed Christmas Markets. These are some of the most famous and beautiful cities with Christmas Markets to visit this season!


This is a Christmas Market completely surrounded by the city of Munich. When visiting this market, you are very much in the middle of it all. I like this market due to that very fact. If you get bored of shopping for seasonal items, there are plenty of other places to check out just a few feet away. Grab a hot chocolate or a mulled wine and explore!

This market is quite a bit larger than some others you may come across. I like the fact that the market is spread out because it gives you more room to breathe without being right on top of everyone else. If you are looking for a bite to eat, you are in the right place! There are stands selling sausages, chocolates, and countless other options every few feet. You can even ice skate at this market, if that’s your thing. This market is open from November 27 until December 26.

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Also known as the Viennese Dream Christmas Market, this stop is located in front of the magnificent City Hall building. I went to this particular market quite a few times during my visit, as it was one of my favorites. I had some of my favorite snacks here, including an absolutely gigantic Nutella pretzel. The market is very centrally located, so it is easy to stop by when you are doing your usual sightseeing through Vienna.

If you are traveling with children, you are definitely going to love this market. Inside of the City Hall building there is an area dedicated to children, where they can do things such as learning how to make Christmas cookies and candles. There are also international choir singers that you can see for free on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the season. This market is open from November 15 until December 26.

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If you want to see intricate and interesting Christmas lights, be sure to check out the Festive Fair Christmas Market in Ljubljana. If you are out at the right time of an evening, you can see the lights be turned on each day at 5:15pm. The market is located near the center of the town, making it easy to explore before or after you spend some time at the market.

You can find the usual food and drink stalls, offering mulled wine among other popular offerings. There are also many stalls that sell items that would make perfect holiday gifts! You will also find accessories such as hats, gloves, and scarves sold here. This market is open November 30 – January 2.

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Prague is often referred to as the number one European city to visit during Christmas. If you are looking for a picturesque experience, this is the place for you. After spending last Christmas in Old Town Square, I can see what all of the hype is about. The Christmas Market in the square is something out of a fairy tale, surrounded by stunning architecture.

The market is full of treats and the usual trinkets, with a little something for everyone. The large Christmas tree at the center of the market has lights that go along with songs every hour, which usually draws quite a crowd. If you want the opportunity to see the Astronomical Clock without hundreds or thousands of people waiting for the show, Christmas Day is a great time to do this. I was able to see it with only a hand full of other people, which was a really special experience. This market is open from November 30 until January 6, which is longer than most other markets!

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