Top 5 Things To See In Old Town Square, Prague

The Old Town Square in Prague looks like it is straight out of a movie. Visiting this part of Prague is a must do for any traveler, as there are so many things to see, do, and eat in this part of the city.

Astronomical Clock 


Every hour, on the hour, hundreds of people gather to watch the short, 45-second show. Despite being one of the top rated things to see in Prague, it is not so impressive to everyone. The owner of the Airbnb we stayed in said, “hundreds of people gather here for essentially nothing every hour.” That being said, it is pretty cool to see, and if you are there, I do recommend watching it at least once!

St. Nicholas Church


Built in 1732, this church is on the site of another church that was originally built in the 13th century that was dedicated to St. Nicholas. This church is gorgeous inside, with so much detail going into every area of the building.

Church of Our Lady before Týn



This is one of the most dominant features and well-known buildings in the square. The gothic tower is very unique and has been the main church of the city since the 14th century. Many reviews say that the church is just as boring inside as it is amazing on the outside. Regardless, seeing just the outside is something you are sure to enjoy!


There are many places to eat in Old Town Square, so definitely do your research. As the old saying goes not all Yelp reviews are created equal. The restaurant right outside of our Airbnb was definitely a big tourist trap. Due to the fact that we were visiting during Christmas, our options were pretty limited. My “grilled cheese” consisted of a cooked potato cut in half with blue cheese on each side. They were even nice enough to take a photo of us and try to sell it to us at quite an expensive price. All in all not a great experience, but at least one of us got the food they thought they had ordered. 



We had much better luck checking out the local grocery stores and eating local street food and snacks. When it comes to street food, the most convenient may not be your best choice. We saw the exact same thing at one stand that was $5, while at another it was $9. Trdelník was definitely one of my favorites!

Souvenir Shopping


Nothing to do with Prague, but the hat was warm!


If you are looking to save money, take your time and compare prices. Two stores right next to each other may have the exact same souvenirs at two very different prices. Taking a little bit of time can save a good bit of cash!


Have you been to Prague’s Old Town Square? What was your favorite part?




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