Seeing New Orleans Through The City and Cemetery Tour

New Orleans has beautiful French architecture and is famous for its cuisine, jazz music, and of course Mardi Gras. It is one of the world’s most fascinating cities. If you haven’t visited yet, it should most definitely be on your bucket list!
City and Cemetery Tour
One of the best ways to see and learn about a city is through a guided tour. New Orleans Native Tours offer a variety of tours which allow you to explore the city. One of the most popular tours is their City and Cemetery Tour, where you get to spend two and a half hours visiting some of New Orleans’ most famous and interesting areas!

Some of the areas you will get to visit include:

  • Louis Cemetery (City of the Dead)
  • Charles Avenue’s stately mansions and America’s oldest streetcar
  • Jackson Square and St Louis Cathedral
  • Lake Ponchartrain and the longest bridge in the world (The Causeway)
  • Garden and Warehouse Districts
  • & Many More!

Each day, these tours begin at both 11am and 3pm, which is perfect so that you can enjoy the city on your own before the tour begins. If you are staying in the French Quarter or the Business District, the tours offer hotel pick up!
The tours offered are bus tours, which include air conditioning (which you will definitely be thankful for in the summer!), and small group sizes of at most 25 people.
The City and Cemetery Tour begins in the beautiful and historic French Quarter. Here you will see some of my favorite New Orleans spots, such as St. Louis Cathedral, the delicious Café Du Monde, and the French Market.

Later you will get the opportunity to see one of the famous New Orleans above-ground cemeteries. Known as “cities of the dead,” these cemeteries are interesting and beautiful to explore and learn about.
The tour ends at 5:30pm, which gives you a great amount of time to explore the French Quarter a little more on your own before deciding on one of the famous restaurants to enjoy for dinner! Or let’s be honest, this would also be the perfect time for some pre-dinner beignets.
You can experience these sights and so many more amazing places while taking the City and Cemetery Tour offered by New Orleans Native Tours! Whether you are a first time visitor or someone who frequents New Orleans like myself, this is a fantastic way to see and learn about this gorgeous city. Be sure to check out their website for more details and to book your own tour!

Have you had the chance to visit New Orleans yet?



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11 thoughts on “Seeing New Orleans Through The City and Cemetery Tour

  1. I love New Orleans and the first time I visited I was drawn to delicious fresh beignets but was enthralled by coffee with chicory at Cafe du Monde. It is the only coffee I drink and now order it regularly. The very best.

  2. I have been to New Orleans , but as I stayed in the city of Gretna, which is across the river from Nola. I want to get back as I loved what I saw and so much has happened since I’ve been there .

  3. I’m visiting for the first time in August, I’ll try find time to do this tour. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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