My Favorite European Snacks

After arriving in Europe, the snack foods and drinks that are not native to your home country will most definitely catch your eye! Here are some of the ones that I have tried and enjoyed so far:


Lion Bar

The Lion Bar originated in England and wafer, caramel, and crisp cereal covered in milk chocolate.



Fanta Orange

So in America, I don’t drink soft drinks, and I especially don’t like Fanta. I happened to try an orange Fanta in Paris and it was immensely different! It almost tasted like carbonated orange juice. I highly recommend it.


stroopwafel CC BY 20 Steven Vance via Flickr


The first time I had a stroopwafel, I was instantly hooked! These two thin waffles with a caramel like filling are amazing.



These light and tasty cookies come in a variety of flavors and are a must have when visiting Paris.


Pain au Chocolat

This is a flaky pastry filled with a couple of pieces of chocolate wasn’t too sweet, and made for a very nice snack!



A biscuit with cream, honey and almonds covered in a milk chocolate coating.



My biggest regret when visiting Paris is that I only had one crepe. It was absolutely delicious! I got mine filled with Nutella.


Belgian Waffle

Nothing compares to an actual Belgian waffle. If you are ever in Belgium please do yourself a favor and have one!

I’m sure I am missing a lot of awesome European snacks and/or drinks, but these are the few that I’ve had the opportunity to try!

What should I try the next time I’m in Europe?



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