From Las Vegas to the Border of Mexico

So my husband and I were in Vegas a couple of years back, and we decided to drive to the border of Mexico for no reason other than just to do it.

After looking into it, it seemed that the closest we could really get would be an outlet mall called Las Americas Premium Outlets.

map to mexico

We headed out of Vegas for the ~6 hour drive at around 9 am.

It didn’t take long until we arrived in the Mojave Desert.


The Mojave Desert is the home of the infamous Death Valley, which is the hottest place in North America. Especially in late June / early August.


This heat is nothing to mess around with, especially if you plan on spending any amount of time outdoors there. So be careful!

I think that because we were unfamiliar with the area, the drive seemed to take longer than it actually did. The drive through the desert was enjoyable though.

We arrived at around 3 pm. We really knew we were just about there when we saw the huge Mexican flag.

mexican border

Of course, we didn’t have our passports with us, so going over the border was not an option.


We are the blue dot, the yellow line is the border.

So we opted for walking around the mall for a bit and looking at Mexico from afar.


The Mexican border looked much simpler than the Canadian one (if that’s actually true or not, I’m not sure), with a lot shorter of a line.

tijuana ave

Since it was getting dark, we decided to head to out and stayed the night in Orange, CA. I really wish we would have been able to explore Mexico! But, there’s always next time.




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