5 of the Best Coastlines to Visit

When most people start to plan their next vacation, they mainly try to focus on locations and destinations that are known for their good beaches. After all, is there anywhere better to relax than on soft, sugar-white sand while watching the gentle waves lap the shore? I can’t think of anything better!

So, next time when you are planning a vacation, you might want to consider one of the destinations mentioned below. Here are five of the best coastlines in the world, all of which feature some truly amazing beaches.

Great Ocean Road, Australia

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If you can handle the long-haul flight, then there is no better place to consider than the Great Ocean Road in Australia. It’s a great option for road trips, and you will come across lots of fantastic beaches to stop off at. Why not plan to stop at the small fishing community of Port Fairy or check out the thriving arts scene in Lorne? Both of these towns feature amazing cliff top views and spectacular coastlines to boot.

The Florida Coastline, USA


If you want to take a trip somewhere in the US, then it’s worth heading down to the Florida coast. The entire state is pretty much lined with a beautiful coast and stunning beaches. You might want to even join a boat club so that you can hire out a yacht or boat and explore the coast properly. It’s also worth heading to the Florida Keys to enjoy their tropical weather. Just make sure you don’t go during hurricane season!

Riviera Maya, Mexico


Mexico has some really great beaches as well, but nothing is quite as good as the Riviera Maya. It’s a stretch of Caribbean coastline on the Yucatan Peninsula. It’s good a large number of all-inclusive resorts, so there will be plenty of great hotels where you can spoil yourself. There are also interesting sites that you could head to on day trips, including the traditional town of Playa del Carmen.

Fakistra, Greece

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One of the best things about Fakistra in Greece is that it’s still relatively unknown to most tourists. It’s only a small cove, and you won’t have to worry about any crowds on the beach at all thanks to its status as a hidden gem. It’s a steep walk down to the beach but, trust me, it is very much worth it!

Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico


If you fancy going somewhere slightly exotic, then it’s worth booking some flights to Puerto Rico so that you can visit the famous Flamenco Beach. Some travel experts regard this as the most perfect tropical beach that there is anywhere in the world! There’s a campsite close by, so you can spend a night under the stars and just steps from the soft sand!

You can’t go wrong if you do choose one of the beaches and coasts above – you can expect some thrilling sites and plenty of beach bars to get delicious cocktails from!





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