3 Southern Areas to Visit in the US for Food

The US has a lot of food milestones under its belt. Within this country a lot of new dishes and experimental plates were thought up, and there’s a lot of places around here that have their very own culinary biome – Rochester with its infamous garbage plate, drizzling some great BBQ sauce on your meat down in Texas, and it also turns out that hamburgers were born in Connecticut!
And when you’ve got such a blended menu on your hands, you’re going to want to visit every restaurant you can find when you’re cruising your way through California or you’re camping down in West Virginia. So here’s a couple of the best places to start on your culinary adventure!

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We all know the marks of a classic American Diner, but not every restaurant has the same thing to offer; try out the the variety on your tour!

Head to Savannah

If you’re someone who’s a fan of the more out of the way places, with a little more nontraditional cuisine than you’d consider typical of the country you’re in, then Savannah is where you need to be. Georgia itself is a foodie city, and you won’t find any lacking menu options if you choose to holiday out here.

Fancy a plate of fried green tomatoes? In Savannah you will! It doesn’t sound like a particularly appetizing dish, but down in its native city, you’re going to find your new favorite dish to binge on. And then there’s the seafood scene to get involved with…

Charleston’s the Place for You!

Charleston is a bit of a mixed pot, perfect for the travelers who never quite know what their favorite palette is. You’re going to find all kinds of famous restaurants out here on the East Coast, so if you fancy yourself a bit of a critic, this could be where your career starts!

If you decide to stay here, there’s a good chance you won’t have to go any further than the hotel to take a bite of some famous cuisine. There’s also a farmers market here once a week, and you’re never going to see fresher or brighter produce anywhere in the world.

Try Out Kentucky

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Kentucky itself is a huge melting pot of good food, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a fellow traveler who has anything bad to say about the cuisine on offer here. Derby Pie and some Bourbon Balls are just the first couple of famous dishes to spring to mind.

If you fancy it, you could even go on a bit of road-trip by booking yourself into a Bourbon Trail hotel! Book yourself into a visit at every brewery along the way (there’s about 13 of them), and have a taste of some of the best Bourbon you’ll ever have the pleasure to drink. It’s not something you can eat, but a good meal is never complete without a nice drink to wish it down!






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