Most Scenic Camping Spot | Lone Rock Beach

During my last road trip across America, we decided to do some camping in the Utah area. We did not have a spot reserved anywhere because we wanted to just feel it out and stop whenever we felt ready.


It was getting a few hours away from sunset when a quick Google search would give me one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen for camping.

Lone Rock Beach Campground is in Page, Utah. As the name indicates, there is a giant, lone rock in the middle of a really nice water feature.

The campground is just over the border into Utah. Besides being beautiful, it is also very close to the famous Horseshoe Bend. You can make a quick drive there in around 20 minutes.


At Lone Rock, you drive up on the beach and choose any spot to set up your tent or camper. Luckily, we had rented a four-wheel drive car, as we drove a little too far out on the beach and would have likely gotten stuck if we were in another car.

The campground has a few flush toilets spread out among the beach. The park website says that it also has rinse showers, but after searching extensively, I was never able to locate them.

At around 10pm when most of the lights were out, we saw several shooting stars. I was very excited about this because this was the first time I had witnessed shooting stars.


Although we didn’t take time to get into the water, it looked to be very clean.

The only real negative was that our air mattress went flat in the middle of the night, and I didn’t realize I was sleeping directly over a few rocks.


The 6am sunrise was bright, but very beautiful

Overall, this is a spot that I highly recommend you visit if you are ever in the area and looking to camp. Even if you just wanted to visit the beach, you can pay the park entrance fee and spend a really nice day there!

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  1. We’ve been seriously contemplating visiting Utah. I’ll make sure to check this campground out when we go as it looks pretty amazing. Hopefully we’ll able to witness some shooting stars too (I have yet to see one)!

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