5 Winter Resorts To Consider in Canada

5 Winter Resorts To Consider In Canada

For some people, the idea of heading north to Canada during the winter sounds a little bit harsh. While the world is warming up just about wherever you go, the winter still gets very cold in Canada, so the logical play might be to avoid it and instead travel south. If you’re one for winter scenery however, or you’re considering a ski trip or even a different sort of winter activity like dog sledding, Canada can suddenly look like the ideal destination. And rest assured there are some incredible resorts spread across the country for just this reason.

The following five are among the best.

1. Four Seasons Whistler


Whistler is generally regarded as one of the best ski areas in Canada, which naturally is saying something. In fact, it’s widely recognized as being among the top few options in all of North America for skiing. Thus, if you’d like to strap on some skis or a snowboard this winter, the Four Seasons in Whistler is about as well as you could do for yourself. Essentially offering the most high-end version of the classic ski lodge aesthetic, it’s a beautiful resort that puts you right in among the best ski areas in the region.

2. Post Hotel & Spa, Lake Louise


Located in the Canadian Rockies, and more specifically in the incomparably gorgeous Banff National Park, the Post Hotel is one of the finest in all of Canada. Aside from its size, it almost gives off the impression of being some rented mansion rather than a hotel. That’s likely thanks to features including a library, an indoor heated pool, and a well-regarded wine cellar, all of which can be enjoyed by guests. The only trouble is that you may enjoy exploring this resort so much you don’t want to head out to the slopes!

3. River Rock , British Columbia


The River Rock Resort is a nice option to consider if you want some versatility in your trip. It’s located just across the Fraser River from Vancouver, which means it gives you access to the city itself and to some of the snow sport areas just north of the city. The resort itself offers a real contrast of sights, sounds, and experiences, from a harbor full of high-end boats, to an external design reminiscent of ski lodges, to a massive gaming floor. There’s just a bit of everything at this particular option.

4. Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu


Views of the St. Lawrence River and bubbling jacuzzis are just some of the perks that are sometimes mentioned regarding the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu resort. It’s located a little more than an hour from Quebec City and actually has a reputation for its pro-quality golf course as well. However, its beauty and amenities as a natural retreat and access to area skiing make it a particularly interesting destination to consider during the winter months. Perhaps more than any other place on this list, this resort oozes luxury even when you look at it from the outside.

5. Fairmont Banff Springs


Sticking with Fairmont properties but heading back to Banff, the Fairmont Banff Springs needs to be mentioned here as well. Sticking up in a forested area like a large chateau or small city unto itself, it’s an older resort, with the original version of it dating back to the late-19th century. The resort today retains some of that old world charm, yet offers the very best in modern amenities and general comfort. If you’re looking for a place with an aura about it, look no further.









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