My Place Hotels | Davenport, Iowa

My Place Hotels Davenport Location

The My Place Hotels Davenport location was our final stop during our 10,000 mile road trip through the US and Canada. While we were not ready for the trip to end, we were excited to visit a newly opened My Place!


One of the first things I noticed as I entered the hotel was the layout of the lobby. The new design was very sleek and modern. It also had the same welcoming feeling that I have come to expect from My Place locations.

The open concept layout was really nice to see. With easy access to the front desk, My Store, and the lobby all right when you walk in, it was definitely convenient!


After we order our breakfast in bed for the next morning as we usually did, we once again found ourselves shopping at My Store! Having this convenience is something I have truly grown to appreciate. No matter what time of day it is,, My Store is open. You have the access to purchase food and basic supplies without having to step out of the hotel! This is especially nice for a midnight snack or if you are in a hurry to get something done.

The End Of A 10,000 Mile Road Trip

I was a little sad to leave, but I was excited to get home to see my other dogs. I was also ready to reflect on the very long journey we had just been on. Through seeing the beautiful cities and nature that the US and Canada have to offer, we had an amazing trip.

Sharing this 10,000 mile road trip with such a friendly and comfortable hotel as My Place Hotels was a real delight. Whether you need a place to stay for a night, a week, or a month, you really can’t go wrong when you stay with My Place.

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