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Being organized while traveling can prove to be a challenge sometimes. You’ve got multiple reservations to keep track of, including seat numbers to remember, departure and arrival times, and addresses to remember. Not to mention the chance that your flight could be delayed, the weather could change, or there could be traffic along your route.

What if there was a simple way to keep track of ALL of these things and more? I am so excited to share with you guys today what has to be one of my favorite new travel Apps!

Meet Sam :]


Sam is your new favorite 24/7 travel assistant! Available on both Android and iOS, Sam is completely free and is ready to help us be more organized while traveling.

Simply upload all of your travel info as you book it, and Sam will do the rest. If you have a gate change or flight delay, Sam will alert you and let you know. If the weather prediction changes for your trip, Sam will let you know so that you can dress accordingly.

I’ve taken some screen shots of a sample itinerary to give you guys a more in depth feel for the app. Here is a sample trip to Brussels (not unrealistic for me since I love Belgium so much!)


I’ve opened a couple of the options to show you what that will look like below.



As you can see, all of the information you could need is here in one place.

On another sample trip to Paris, I noticed that the option for a city guide was available. I checked that out and found it super helpful! Here is what that looked like:




Super useful, right? I think so! Up until now, I have generally typed out all of the information I needed into one place so that I could keep up with it. While this works, it does take up a lot of time. It also does not help me when my flights have been delayed or cancelled. I would have to check several different items while traveling to make sure that nothing had changed or that I was not going to miss my flights or trains.

I am most definitely going to be using Sam on my upcoming trips. Traveling is about exploring new (or familiar) places, not worrying about reservations! Time to start relaxing and exploring more 🙂 Download Sam today!



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7 thoughts on “Sam Travel Assistant App Review

  1. Great suggestion. Now all we have to do is figure out how to get decent enough mobile service when we travel to other countries. Tried to get a local SIM card in our recent trip to France and everyone in the stores there looked at me like I was crazy, so we just relied on Wifi which meant when we were out and about, we had no backup. North American (Canada in particular) and European carriers need to develop more partnerships to stop the horrendous cost of roaming charges.

    • I know what you mean! On my recent trip to Europe I almost tried to get a local SIM card but decided not to. I ended up paying $10 a day to use my regular data plan. Hopefully I can figure out something more cost efficient next time!

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