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After visiting Montana for the first time, I truly understood the meaning of “Big Sky Country.” If you are looking for a Billings hotel, this is the artile for you! I was so excited to be returning to this great state. During this visit, we were staying in the city of Billings with My Place Hotels.

Getting to this Billings Hotel

After another long drive (isn’t that what road trips are all about?) we arrived in Billings ready to explore. At this point, we were nearly three weeks into our road trip. Our pets were more than ready to get out of the car and to hang out with us in the hotel room.

Our Yorkies were greeted by another friendly dog in the hallway and I swear it made their day. I love being able to interact with other pet owners during our time staying with My Place!

When we got into the room, we were so excited to see our little welcome package from the Billings hotel location! We love working with such an amazing brand, and it is the little things that make this a truly amazing hotel chain.

We only had a few hours to drive the next day. It was time to stay up late and get some work done in our room.

My Favorite Amenities

One of the things that I love about My Place is the table and chairs in the room. This couldn’t be any more perfect for a couple of people looking to work on their laptops.

There is also always the option of using the business center area. I love knowing that there is a computer available, just in case need it! To make things better, the coffee is available 24 hours is a welcome add on when you are working late.

After getting a good nights sleep with the fleece throw blankets they put on the end of the beds, we woke up to enjoy our breakfast in bed. Let’s be honest, eating in bed is the best way to eat!

Even though our visit was short, I definitely hope to return one day soon because Montana is one beautiful state and this location sure has some friendly staff!


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