The Best Dutch Pancakes In Amsterdam

Dutch pancakes are most definitely one of the top foods that you should try during your visit to Amsterdam! Available in a variety of flavors, these thin pancakes are available all over the city.


Amsterdam Centraal Station has a lot to offer as far as food once you begin your venture into the city. Pancake Amsterdam is located just a few meters away from the station. This modern and cozy restaurant offers a great atmosphere and even better food. What better place to escape the snow and try Dutch pancakes for the first time?

Dutch pancakes are thin pancakes, usually with a variety of things mixed in them. There were what seemed to be countless options, but since we couldn’t just spend all day eating pancakes, decisions had to be made.


The bacon & cheese pancakes were an interesting change of pace that caught my eye. This dish is a traditional Dutch pancake with crispy bacon strips and Dutch grated cheese, giving you a perfect blend of salty and savory.


On the more sweet side of things was the pancake filled with bananas, with a side of whipped cream, caramel, and sea salt. Having these items on the side allows you to add just as much as you want!



The mandatory very steep stairs leading to the bathroom (as seen all over Amsterdam!)

These were all served with a bottle of sparkling water. Probably the most missed option once returning to America. The very relaxing atmosphere and delicious food will make you want to stay inside eating pancakes and watching the beautiful snow fall.


While there are undoubtedly many places that you can stop and get your pancake fill, Pancake Amsterdam not only had good food, but they also had very friendly service. We all know that this can mean a lot when visiting a new city (or country!)

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  1. Love the Dutch pancakes. When we were in Amsterdam in 2016, we ate at de Vier Pilaren near Leidesplein on Singelgracht. The pancakes were delicious, but the poffertjes were to die for. Gotta go back. Allan

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