This App Will Help Keep You Safe While Traveling

We recently drove over 10,000 miles across the United States and Canada, with our destination being Alaska! Keeping us company were our two dogs, Jimmy and Ava, and we had an absolute blast! 

Even though it isn’t something that may always be in our minds, safety is a super important aspect of any adventure. This applies when traveling in a group, and especially when traveling alone. 


As a woman, I’m aware that some situations may not be as safe for me as they may be a man or if I were in a group. Is this fair? Of course not. But it is a reality. 

Enter WanderSafe. This app allows you to see where others have been, and if it has been marked safe or unsafe. You can often see the reason that the location has been marked unsafe as well. This can help us to make informed decisions when traveling. If a place has been marked as unsafe, it is best to take extra precautions or avoid it altogether if possible. 

See more on WanderSafe here!

When you see a location marked as safe, you can have the reassurance that someone else has been in that location, has seen the environment, and recognized it as a safe spot. 


The beauty of this app is that anyone can use it! You can use it to see locations that others have marked, but you can also use it to mark locations yourself and help others! 

Along with the app, you have the option of purchasing the WanderSafe Beacon. This small beacon is quite amazing. It fits perfectly on any key ring and can help to ensure your safety. 


The beacon has a light attached, an alarm button you can push to deter someone from pursuing you, and it even has a button that alerts all of your emergency contacts instantly. We should always try to be safe, but having the WanderSafe app and beacon has definitely helped to give me some peace of mind during my travels!


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