Things to do in Florida that are not Theme Parks

When you think of a Florida vacation, what springs to mind? Your thoughts have probably already jumped to Orlando and visiting Disney or Universal Studios. However, Florida offers so much more than just theme parks, which is great if lines and/or children aren’t really your thing.

With so many other things to do in Florida, you can enjoy an amazing vacation without setting foot in a theme park. Get the inspiration you need from this short guide.

Visit the beaches

Florida boasts hundreds of miles of beaches, making it a top destination for beach lovers. You’re spoiled for choice regarding aesthetic and atmosphere – allowing you to enjoy a relaxing break one day, or a more lively experience the next. Some of Florida’s best beaches include South Beach and Key West, while a stay at the Pier House 60 Clearwater Beach Marina Hotel will allow you to enjoy the beautiful white sandy beaches of Clearwater. While you might not be able to cover all of Florida’s beaches in a week (or a lifetime!), it’s worth making a list of ones to visit before you get there.

Visit the Kennedy Space Center

flight-sky-earth-space.jpgWhile you might not want to spend your vacation time waiting in line for the latest rollercoaster, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to take advantage of the other attractions that Florida has to offer. Located in Merritt Island, which is an hour’s drive from Orlando – is the place to go to feel inspired and awed. British GQ recently said that “everyone should visit Kennedy Space Center once in their life,” and they were right. I have visited and would go back for sure! It is such a fun and exciting place to visit.

Spend time in the Everglades

The Everglades National Park is a must-see during your time in Florida. Where else will you be able to get up close (but not too close!) to alligators and crocodiles? There are different places you can see alligators in the Everglades, but one of the best ways to do it is to join a gator tour. If you’re lucky, you could also spot some other wildlife during your trip, including birds and animals such as the elusive black panther, the black bear, and bobcats.

Party the night away in Miami

If it’s great nightlife you’re looking for, you won’t be disappointed with what Florida has to offer. Miami is the place to be for amazing nightlife, with endless clubs and bars that will cater to all tastes. If it’s a drink with a view you’re looking for, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are a lot of rooftop bars in Miami, allowing you to indulge in cocktails while overlooking the stunning city scene. Watch Dwayne Johnson’s Ballers if you want an idea of some of the places on offer.

Florida is a great destination to enjoy a vacation, and even if you go nowhere near a theme park – you’ll still find plenty to keep you occupied. Looking for more travel inspiration? Why not head over to the West Coast and enjoy a vacation in California? As another great location with plenty of sunshine and sandy beaches, make sure you add it to your travel bucket list.



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