Find The Dish That’s Fit For You While Traveling

Eating can be one of the greatest things that you have the pleasure to experience while traveling. Experiencing things from different areas is always sure to be a treat! If you are like me, sometimes you would like to stick to your own nutritional lifestyle while traveling. This can seem like a daunting task.

HowUdish is a one-of-a-kind mobile “dish discovery” app and social network that connects users to dishes based on their own nutritional lifestyle. Their focus on healthy living truly sets them apart from simple restaurant locators and makes sure that HowUdishers can eat out, have fun, and stay true to their healthy living lifestyle whether at home or on the go.

This is a total game changer in my opinion. Sticking to your own personal nutritional needs can be hard, especially while traveling. It is so exciting to have an app that can make this so easy!


The Pro Dish Styles is a one-of-a-kind product offering within the HowUdish™ brand. With Pro Dish Styles HowUdishers can find meals that fit within their favorite athletes diet. Their Pro Dish Styles athletes all follow very specialized nutritional meal plans.

So whether HowUdishers are looking to avoid red meat, sugar, carbs or inflammatory foods, you will find that our athletes have a personalized meal plan that works for you and that you can easily draw inspiration from!


It is super simple to find nearby restaurants with meals you love with HowUdish, the healthy meal app that helps you find dishes suited to your tastes & nutritional lifestyle.

Build a network of friends who share their favorite restaurants that match your nutritional lifestyles. With the app, you can chat and share the places you love to eat while discovering new favorites and find a meal that matches your lifestyle!
Simply tell HowUdish what kind of meals you’re looking for and the app finds nearby restaurants with options for you. Even if you’re not going out, HowUdish lets you order food from nearby restaurants and source recipes for the dishes that interest you.
Do yourself a favor and let HowUdish help you pick your meals in the easiest way possible!



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