Take The Worry Out Of Traveling

Travel is wonderful. Travel is life-affirming, inspiring, and enjoyable. Travel is something we give ourselves and experience with others to make us better, more rounded people. In other words, travel is absolutely worth it. But to ignore the potential dangers or risks of travel would be to travel without care, to be less engaged and less secure than we otherwise could be. Of course, no matter what, the idea of traveling to places is always worthwhile. But the means in which you do it, and the important self-preservation methods you take, are essential. Some are obvious. For example, no one is hoping to head to a current war-zone for their vacation, unless volunteering as part of a relief effort or charitable organization.

Yet this is hardly the only important measure we must take to ensure we travel responsibly, and at the end of the day, respect ourselves as much as our desire to expand and see the world. With good foresight, you can enjoy that which is in front of you with a much higher degree of reliability.

Get Insured

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It’s important to inspire yourself with the best travel insurance when heading abroad. This can help you keep your financials in place, and prevent the financial loss associated with issues such as losing luggage. It can also cover you against a cancelled trip that wasn’t your fault, or, most importantly, help cover you if you encounter a medical problem while there. Getting insured not only helps you prevent a range of possible problems that could occur, but also gives you the tools to enjoy your vacation with peace of mind and true focus on that which you hope to see. After all, there’s no need to overly worry on vacation, and most of that is in your planning.


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Money can get you out of a bad spot, and so it’s always important to over budget for your vacation. This means bringing more than you might have initially predicted, a ‘worry’ budget if you will. This might remain untouched if you do not need it, but can also give you the wiggle room to get out of a problem. For example, it might help you cover the cost of an emergency hotel for a couple of nights, pay for an impromptu ticket back and the renewed charge that brings, or potentially help you pay for convenient travel.


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Don’t be afraid to bring protection with you. With this, we mean potentially a fake wallet just in case you are forcibly separated from it, filled with a couple of low-value notes and fake cards. It might also be worthwhile to carry something like a whistle or pepper spray, depending on the regulations of the country you’re going to. Most airlines will allow you to hold some in your checked-in luggage, but be sure to triple check beforehand. It can also be worthwhile to use important deceptive options, such as a belt with a money pouch for emergency notes if you are pick-pocketed. Also, keeping good sense and always traveling in a group can help you, as well as avoiding alleys or other off-the-beaten-path areas unless previously approved. A quick google search can often help you find areas to avoid, as no matter what country you go to, there’s always a place best left well enough alone.

With these tips, you will be able to intelligently counter the worrying side of travel!

Do you have any important tips to add to the list? Let us know!





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