8 Tips For Budget Friendly Traveling

We all love to travel. What many people still seem to not understand is that you don’t have to be extremely wealthy to travel the world! Here are just a few tips to help you travel on a budget:


Travel in the off season

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Not only will you avoid loads of tourists in your photos and at attractions, but things will be considerably cheaper. Think cheaper hotels and shorter lines! Be sure to check certain attractions, as they may be seasonal.


Take public transportation 

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Renting a car can be expensive, especially if you plan on driving to other countries. Save tons of money by taking public transport! You can easily get from country to country by taking trains throughout most of Europe. Think of this as a way to be both environmentally friendly and cost efficient!


Be flexible when you fly

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Sometimes something as simple as moving your travel plans up or back by a few days can make a huge difference! I have personally saved hundreds by checking this one simple thing and tweaking my plans.


Travel in a group

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Traveling in a group not only creates wonderful memories, but it can be a really budget-friendly way to travel. Splitting the costs of hotels alone can be one of the biggest ways to save!


Pack smart


By taking your time while packing and being organized, chances are you won’t forget any essentials which will prevent you from buying them again! Using something such as packing cubes can help to ensure that you stay organized and don’t leave anything important at home!


Check for the cheapest rates

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I understand that everyone has their favorite hotel booking site, but shop around! Don’t stick strictly to sites like Expedia. Try SkyScanner and Club 1 Hotels to have a better chance at getting discounted rates!


Pay with cash when traveling abroad

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Getting the local currency and paying with cash instead of cards can save you from encountering both fees from your card company as well as potentially not-so-great exchange rates.


Take advantage of free attractions

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Chances are, wherever you are traveling to has some free attractions. Many museums are free or nearly free, and you can take advantage of the opportunity to simply walk around your destination and admire the architecture.


While there are many ways to save on travel, this short list should at least get you started on your next budget-friendly vacation!


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