2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

Shopping for that perfect gift can be hard. Luckily, we have made it easy! If you are shopping for the traveler or explorer in your life, this guide will show you some amazing options that they are sure to love.

2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide

Audio-Technica Studio Monitor Headphones


Don’t be fooled by the fact that these are called studio monitor headphones. They are absolutely perfect for traveling! I personally own a pair of these and they are some of the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever had. Not only do they cancel out surrounding noise well, but they sound amazing and fold up nicely when putting them away.

Venture 4th Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad


When I first heard of this product, I thought it was too good to be true. Even when I received it I was skeptical; that is until I actually tried it out. You blow this ultralight pad up with only 10-15 breaths (yes, really!!) and you will be amazed. Don’t let the fact that it is thin fool you. When you lay on this pad, it is soft, comfortable, and you do not touch the ground! This is perfect for camping, or even if you get stuck in the airport!

Loctote Flak Sack – Theft-Resistant Drawstring Backpack


When they say anti-theft, they aren’t messing around. This is the perfect bag to bring with you to ensure that your valuables will be safe. Not only does it have a lock, but the bag itself is slash resistant! The bag has also been treated with industrial grade water repellant, so your valuables are also safe from getting wet! This bag is a must-have for any traveler.

Secret Pocket Travel Scarf by Speakeasy Travel


Not only is this scarf a cute and lightweight travel accessory, but it has a secret pocket to hide your valuables in! This is the perfect place to stick your passport where you are sure not to lose it and no one will think to check your scarf when looking for valuables! Available in many different cute colors and styles.

I’m sure you are aware that there are endless options when it comes to travel pillows these days. After trying the J-Pillow myself, I doubt I’ll ever go to another. This is perfect for anywhere, and supports your neck at the same time! Do your traveler a favor, and get them a pillow that they will be comfortable sleeping on in any plane, train, or bus!
Traveling can be a little hectic. Having a stylish and useful travel wallet is a must-have! Keep all of your most important documents organized and safely in one place throughout your travels! Available in a variety of colors.
This set of quick-dry microfiber towels will be sure to go everywhere with your traveler! Perfect for the beach, camping, or even for use at hostels. I’ve stayed places where they charge you for towels so this will save travelers those few extra dollars or euros!
This vintage themed rolling suitcase is perfect for any trip. Available in a variety of sizes, you can choose the one that suits your needs! This unique look will help you spot your suitcase among all the others, not to mention it is also lightweight!
Here for the second year in a row, this Duraton Gear backpack is a personal favorite of mine. I’ve used it several times, and have used it as my only luggage on a 2-week backpacking trip through Europe. It was the exact perfect size as a carry-on, and the waist strap helps to distribute the weight so well. A must have for any traveler!


Solar Powered USB Charger and Flashlight


Never worry about charging your electronics again! With solar power, you’ve always got a way to keep your devices charged and staying connected. The built in flashlight is always handy to have, and it’s small and portable size makes it perfect for travel!


Honorable mention gift for travelers: 



They can be gate checked or stowed on board many aircrafts, and they are always fun to have around!

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