You’ll Want To Bring This Item With You On All Of Your Adventures

Although simple, never underestimate the importance of having a good and easily compacted towel with you while you travel. It is something that can be taken for granted,  but it is also something that we all probably use or need more than we realize! Here are a few cases where this Quick Dry Microfiber Towel from BEARZ Outdoors will come in handy!

At the Beach


For when you want a towel that’s both easily transportable and quick drying, you can use this and save room in your beach bag for other items!

At Hotels / Hostels

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I have experienced stays at hostels around the world that offer to rent you towels. By having this with you, you can save a dollar or two and have the comfort of knowing that your towel is clean!

At the Gym

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I try to exercise while traveling, so this is the perfect towel to have at the gym at your hotel, or even to use at your home gym!

While Camping


I try to pack light, so if I can save space while going camping I definitely will! This towel is perfect for your next camping or backpacking trip. The corners of the towel have detachable hoops, which makes hanging it up to dry a breeze!

The standard set also includes a facecloth, which is perfect for wiping away sweat while hiking or working out!


To make things better, these towels come in a water-resistant pack so you can feel good clipping them to the outside of your bag knowing that your towels will stay dry!

You can get your own set here, and be ready for your next adventure!






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