A Quick Experience With The Food Trucks of Portland

Food trucks, or food carts as they are known by in Portland, Oregon, have become quite popular in all different parts of the United States. Portland has a considerable amount of food carts in places all over the city. The largest downtown collection of Portland’s famed food carts is located between Southwest Alder and Washington streets, from Southwest Ninth to Southwest Tenth avenues named the Alder Street Food Cart Pod.
These carts offer up a wide variety of culinary treats such as Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, and much more. On a trip through Portland, we stumbled across one of the carts that particularly caught our eye. The Grilled Cheese Grill had a pretty extending line, but so did most other places. Now that the idea of grilled cheeses was placed in our heads we decided that we better get in line and let the wait begin. This seemed like the perfect place to have lunch on a sunny Portland afternoon.
After looking over the menu, I ultimately decided to go all in and get the Cheesus, the now famed double burger that instead of having two pieces of bread, has two grilled cheeses for buns. It comes complete with chips and a pickle. We also decided on the Gabby, one of their more normal grilled cheese options.
Both, while different in appearance, tasted equally amazing. The bread was perfectly toasted and the cheese was amazing. We took a brisk walk down the road to O’Bryant Square to join a lot of others to sit and eat lunch. We hated that we were just passing through, and wanted to spend days eating every meal at different carts and enjoying the area. These sandwiches were perfect to get us ready to get back out on the road.
What has been your favorite food truck experience?


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