The Best Macaroni in Louisiana | Only a Short Drive from New Orleans

Rocky and Carlo’s has been operating for over fifty years, and has been serving up it’s large portions to it’s Chalmette patrons. This place is one of the best for sharing meals with another person. I find myself splitting something or another with at least one person each revisit. Their portions are very generous, and for a pretty good price!


The selection at Rocky’s includes a variety of Italian and seafood dishes. The soft shell crab I had last time was perfect as always. The shell was golden crispy brown, and it was better than a lot of strictly seafood places that I have visited believe it or not.


The main attraction that keeps people going back time after time is not a secret. The macaroni and cheese at Rocky’s is something that stands out above all other dishes. They do their macaroni with a long tube like noodle baked under a thick sheet of cheese. A serving typically is a plate that could be large enough for three.


Rocky’s will probably around for the foreseeable future. The line has never died down, ever since I was a child. The portions haven’t changed and the food is as good as ever. There will be people bringing in generations after generations of people through those doors. Every time I visit New Orleans, I try to make it a priority to head over to Chalmette and visit.


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