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There are many ways to book a trip. Whether it be through a popular booking site like Expedia, or a smaller site that you have found on your own, chances are you still aren’t getting the best deal that you can be.

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Now, this website I’m about to tell you about may sound too good to be true, but it is true. I have spent quite a bit of time checking it out for myself. Club 1 Hotels offers discounts on over 1,000,000 hotels across the world! While there is usually a membership fee, readers of Voyages of Mine can get a one-year membership absolutely free. I do mean absolutely – no credit card is required and there is no automatic renewal.

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This luxury travel club not only gets you the best hotel deals, but they also offer exclusive savings on flights, car rentals, golf, cruises, and more! I realize it’s easy to say they have the best deals, but I spent time checking over 15 hotels from various websites, and Club 1 Hotels had the best rates every – single – time.


As long as you book your hotel more than 7 days before your arrival, Club 1 Hotels offers Guaranteed Best rates at over 1 million resorts and hotels. Along with this, there are no blackout dates to worry about!

If you sign up using our link, you are eligible to receive up to $200 worth of booking credits for free!

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I feel confident that all, or at least most, of you reading this are travelers. Why not give this a shot and save some money on your next vacation? Remember, you have no obligation by signing up and your credit card is not required! Here is exactly what you get by signing up:

  • Free 1-Year Club 1 Hotels Membership includes Full Access to wholesale rates at  over 1 million of the finest hotels & resorts including discounts on flights, car rentals, luxury cruises lines, golf and more
  • Guaranteed  Savings on every booking made outside of 7 days of arrival
  • Free Subscription to Business Traveler Magazine (available in the mobile app only)

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I have personally never seen a deal like this before, where you can get great deals with no catch. I highly recommend you take advantage of this offer! I totally get this may not be for everyone. Some people are simply dedicated to their regular booking sites. But if you’re looking for the best rates, give it a try!







*This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are completely my own

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