3 Ways to Travel Around Europe

When it comes to traveling around many destinations in one pop, it doesn’t get better than a Eurotrip. Europe boasts of some of the most civilized countries on the map. This continent alone includes artistic havens like Barcelona, Paris, and London. A Eurotrip can consist of stays in quaint and unique cities such as Amsterdam and Prague. There’s something for everyone, and you would definitely want to try this at least once.

The question, then, is not whether you should do this, but how will you do it? There are a few different ways to travel through Europe, and each has its benefits. Still, if you’re a regular nomad, you know how much difference your choice here can make. As such, it’s crucial you spare a thought for this before booking. Aside from determining your budget, your mode of transport will impact your timeframe and your destinations. So, without further ado, let’s consider the three most popular options for rocking around Europe.

By Train

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We couldn’t start this list without mentioning the train capabilities of Euro destinations. Of course, you would need to start off with a plane to make this work, preferably to London. Once there, you’ll find you can visit a vast amount of European destinations without straying far off the beaten (train) track. Most notably, of course, is the Eurostar. This nifty underground train can take you from Calais in the UK to Paris in a matter of hours. From there, you can visit destinations such as Belgium, the Netherlands, and even Germany. By straying away from the Eurostar, you’ll find Europe’s railways can take you even further afield. With a bit of research, you’ll work out how to reach Italy from Belgium or Paris by rail. From there, Europe really is your oyster.

By Boat

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For those who don’t fancy train travel, you could always opt for a fun Euro tour by boat. It’s possible, for instance, to ride a ferry from Calais to both the Netherlands and France. From there, you could take short trips from port to port. Disclaimer, though, that this is a pretty slow way to travel. Perhaps an even better boating option would be a European cruise. Options like the Bolsover Cruise Club holidays could see you traveling around whichever part of Europe takes your fancy. Bear in mind that you may struggle to see the continent in its entirety this way. But, you could choose between say a British Isles cruise and a Northern European tour. It all depends on what you fancy, but this could be a pretty affordable way to see as many destinations as possible.

By Plane

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Of course, that isn’t to say you can’t also see Europe by plane. If you intend to pack a load into your trip, this may actually be your best option. And, with companies like Easyjet flying to most European destinations, this will be easy enough to arrange. It would also then free you up to spend more time in the countries of your choice!





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