Caribbean Travel: A Few Tips to Get You Started

Of all the places that you could head to for a vacation, the Caribbean is one of the most beautiful destinations. What’s fantastic about the Caribbean is the fact that it’s made up of a wide selection of different islands, each of which offers a slightly different experience to the next, so there’s plenty of choices when it comes to just where you should go.

The most popular Caribbean islands are Antigua, Aruba, Cayman Islands, Cat Islands, and Saint Croix. Each of these islands offers a break from reality; think beautiful beaches, warm seas, lots of rum cocktails, magical music, and food that’s out of this world. It’s these factors, paired with all of the other sights and attractions that each island boasts that makes them such a popular travel destination.

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Thinking of heading to the Caribbean for a break? Have a read of the tips below for making the most of your time away.

Travel in style

The best way to start and end any trip is to travel in style. When it comes to visiting the Caribbean, you will find that flight delays are somewhat common, so choosing to fly private to the Caribbean could be a good way to ensure that you don’t have to worry about flight delays and can make the most of every second of your time away. Traveling private doesn’t have to be too expensive either, it just depends on where you book it from and who you travel with.

Eat local

The food is one of the Caribbeans top attractions, so whatever island you decide to head to, make sure that you eat local while you’re there. You will find that there are some more international, chain restaurants popping up across these islands, but for a real taste of the Caribbean, it’s best to avoid these and eat at local restaurants instead.

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A lot of dishes that the Caribbean is famous for are spicy and fruity and tend to contain freshly caught fish or sometimes meat that’s been stewed or cooked in a jerk pit. While you’re in the Caribbean, you have to try a selection of different dishes – if you’re not sure what to try, ask your waiter what comes recommended and give that a go.

Spend wisely

While some islands in the Caribbean are extremely cheap to visit, others are far more expensive, like St Barths for instance. Here you can pay almost $10 for one beer – that’s a crazy amount of money to pay, even if you have it. Rum drinks tend to be the cheapest to buy, regardless of the island that you are on, so it’s best to stick to rum cocktails.

To cut your daytime costs, consider taking a cool box filled with snacks and drinks onto the beach with you. That way, you will have lots of delicious foods and snacks to enjoy without having to pay the high prices that a lot of beach bars have in place.







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