4 Reasons to Camp For Your Next Vacation

If someone suggested to you today that on your next vacation should be in the wilderness, just you and your tent, what would your reaction be? Would it be to tell them you’re all in or would it be to wrinkle your nose and go back to daydreaming about that five-star luxury that you’ve become accustomed to?

There’s no wrong answer here, but if you’re busy beach hopping and staying in hotels with the words ‘infinity pool’ in the description, then you need to jump in with both feet and learn what it is to be in nature. The world around you? It’s not gross. Yes, there is dirt. Yes, there are bugs. And it’s beautiful. Going camping isn’t a lesser option for your vacation days. It may not be one that you’re used to, sure, but isn’t the whole point of this one life we get to go and have adventures? Isn’t it better to get on and read everything on Prepared Bee, then storm into the wilderness knowing exactly how to grow cucamelons? This is important information and it’s exactly why camping should be the way that you expand your vacation horizons. Nature is truly amazing – and you should give it a chance! But here are some reasons camping should be on your list of ways to live your best life.

  • Camping is going to help you to problem solve and it’s going to introduce you to new challenges that you may not have come across before – and not just setting up a tent and getting confused. You will encounter how to build a fire and how to gather wood, as well as how to build yourself an outdoor toilet. All in an adventure, hey?
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  • Camping is going to help you learn to expand your horizons. Kids love to camp as they love to get down and dirty with roasting marshmallows and being outside. Grown ups often need a little more persuasion – especially as there are no smartphones that’ll pick up signal in the woods. You’ve got to push yourself and be willing to unplug; a difficult task in this age!
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  • Camping is healthy. Getting into nature, walking and hiking the trails, learning to navigate and map read – all of these skills are essential for life. Sure, you may drive everywhere, but this gets you back walking and building your stamina. You also get to breathe in air that isn’t full of pollution from the vehicles that you are near every day.
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  • Camping makes you happier. Serotonin levels improve when you are out in the elements and even if you don’t want to believe it, the achievement of camping and keeping yourself alive in nature is going to be enough to make you feel joy like nothing ever before. Don’t be afraid to get stuck in and get involved, either. It’s messy, but it’s fun.
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Don’t dismiss camping as your next vacation option, you could learn a whole new best life to live that you didn’t know existed!






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