Share a Piece of Your Home With the World (& Get Paid to Do it!)

Sharing information about your hometown or your favorite location with someone is a very exciting thing to do! I know that when people from out of town visit me, I am always very excited to share all that my city has to offer with them!

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What if you could share your knowledge with people from around the world?

Luckily, with Roamni, you can do just that!

Roamni is an app that lets you create and purchase audio tours from people around the globe! This means that you can create any tours of your own, set a price for them (or set them as free!), and enjoy helping others!

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Not only is this a great way for bloggers or other knowledgable locals to make some extra income, but it’s fun! Simply go to the area that you want to let others know about and create your audio tour using the app!

Not only is this a great tool for making extra income, but it is also a great way to experience new locations. Simply search for tours in your area, and select the one that you would like to go on!


Roamni really seems to be the way of the future for travelers. No more waiting for tour groups, paying expensive prices, or passing by the things you wanted to see. With this app, you will know exactly what you are paying for and can go at your own pace!

So what are you waiting for? Download Roamni today, start exploring, making money, and showing others what your part of the globe is all about! Check out this short video for more information.

**While Roamni is currently only available for iPhone, keep an eye out for the Android version coming out later this year!







*This is a collaborative post


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