Why You Should Visit the Smoky Mountains and Rent a Cabin

The Great Smoky Mountains is an area that everyone should visit at least once (if not several times) during their lifetime. The Smoky Mountains get their name from the natural layer of fog that tends to hang over the top of the range, and that is just as gorgeous as it sounds.


The Views


If you are visiting the Smoky Mountains, there is no better way to truly experience the area than by staying in a cabin. Being outside in the gorgeous nature compares to nowhere else. Take a break from cities and wake up surrounded by trees, wildflowers, and rolling mountains. There is always hiking nearby, if you like that kind of thing! Keep an eye out and you may spot some of the wildlife that call these mountains home. Since there is less light pollution in the more remote areas, you can enjoy the views of the stars at night!

The Cities


If the thought of too much seclusion worries you, there are lovely cities that you can visit in the Smoky Mountains! Travel to Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, or Sevierville and enjoy what these places have to offer. From the regions famous mini golf, to Dollywood, there will never be a shortage of things to do!

The Privacy


One thing you can definitely expect when staying in a cabin in the Smoky Mountains is your privacy. Even if you have neighbors somewhat nearby, the privacy in a cabin as compared to a hotel is something to note. You can truly relax with only the sounds of nature surrounding you.

Finding Cabin Rentals


We all know how tedious it can be when trying to find a place to stay. During your visit to the Smoky Mountains, it does not have to be this way! There is an amazing cabin and vacation rental search engine that is specifically designed to find you a place to stay during your visit! Piddlin.com makes your search so easy, you’ll have no excuse not to go and enjoy the scenery! As a bonus, you can save some cash by using this handy site!

All you have to do is simply visit Piddlin.com, enter what you are looking for, and there you have it! The website has done the work for you by searching through thousands of cabin rentals, all on this one website. As a bonus, you’ll be helping to support a local Smoky Mountain business, who works hard to provide excellent service to their customers!

Using a local company cannot only help save yourself money, but it gives you comfort knowing that you have a local, reputable and licensed company to turn to if you were to experience any problems! Trust me, this means a lot. I booked a room through a national brand booking site on one of my road trips. I had a major issue with my room, and didn’t get a solution until a couple of days later! I was in a real bind, and it was quite frustrating.

So when you’re heading to the Smoky Mountains, check out Piddlin and find the perfect cabin for your trip!

Have you had the chance to visit the Great Smoky Mountains yet?


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25 thoughts on “Why You Should Visit the Smoky Mountains and Rent a Cabin

  1. I have taken many rides on motorcycles down the Blue Ridge Parkway – my favorite ride. But I have never stayed in a cabin. Going to look into this for a summer vacation. Thanks for the idea!

  2. I love the Smoky Mountains. Your photos and documentation provide excellent insight for these adventures. I haven’t been there lately but now I’m thinking of a good time to go. I recall one time I was in Gatlinburg in April and received about a foot of snow. It was wonderful and just added to the beauty of the area. I’m sure people who have a lot of snow regularly think it’s not very attractive but for someone from Florida it’s exciting.

  3. I don’t live too far away, but still haven’t visited, unfortunately. The Smokies and the Blue Ridge are high up on my list, though. I still don’t know if I’d rather do the cabin or just a tent. I’m sure my wife would appreciate the cabin, but I think my daughters would prefer the tent! πŸ™‚

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