10 Places You Can Fly This Summer for Less Than $300

With summer coming up, I know that many of us are in the process of making our travel plans! If you’re looking to escape to another country or a tropical paradise, check out this list of places you can fly to for less than $300 this summer:

Reykjavik, Iceland


  • From Boston $199
  • From Washington DC $200
  • From New York $235
  • From Philadelphia $249
  • From Minneapolis $268
  • From Chicago $289

Guatemala City, Guatemala


  • From Houston $203
  • From Los Angeles $228
  • From Dallas $263
  • From Las Vegas $281
  • From New York $281
  • From Fort Lauderdale $285

Brussels, Belgium


  • From New York $299

San Juan, Puerto Rico


  • From Islip $128
  • From Miami $128
  • From Durham $166
  • From Chicago $197
  • From Washington DC $234
  • From Nashville $269

San Pedro Sula, Honduras


  • From Fort Lauderdale $210
  • From Miami $249
  • From Houston $257

Oslo, Norway


  • From New York $299

Bogota, Colombia


  • From Fort Lauderdale $215
  • From Houston $261
  • From Miami $281

Belfast, Ireland


  • From Providence $286

Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago 


  • From Washington DC $240
  • From Philadelphia $254
  • From Fort Lauderdale $272

Dublin, Ireland


  • From Providence $250
  • From New York $251
  • From Boston $299


Do keep in mind that a lot of these flights likely do not include checked baggage fees. Think of this as the perfect opportunity to practice packing light and only using a carry-on bag! It will be summer after all 🙂


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  1. All good choices and the prices are reasonable from the East coast. Not so much from Western Canada. I have often thought I should base myself in Europe for 6 months and hop between cities on any one of a number of European carriers. Flights between Dublin and Amsterdam for instance can be as low as $186 for 2 people with priority checkin and boarding and luggage fees.

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