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If you are keen to travel the world, it is highly likely that you will at some point consider Paris to be your next destination. It is, as we all know, supposedly the romantic capital of the world, and any keen romantic partners will surely want to know why this must be. The truth is that, as well as being one of the world’s top romantic locations, it is also hugely fun as a city to explore in many other ways as well. There are many sides to Paris that you won’t easily see without a little deeper exploration, and yet once you do lift the hood you will be astounded at some of the things you can find. Let’s take a look at the hidden world in Paris, and why it just might be the ideal next location for your special get away with a special someone.

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The Royal Gardens

Many people forget all about the royal side to the French capital, but this is one of those aspects of traveling France that you really don’t want to miss out on. Being the old European nation-state that it is, France has plenty to offer in terms of royal history, and in Paris, in particular, you can see plenty of evidence of this. One of the absolute top royal sights you should consider viewing and visiting is the Palais Royal Gardens, a place located not far from the Louvre, and yet one of the lesser-visited tourist attractions in the city. Expect gloriously beautiful gardens and stunning gothic architecture, not to mention some pretty astounding views of Paris. The royal gardens are a great way to breathe in a little French history – along with a good deal of that fragrant floral scent, of course.
Au Lapin Agile

This stunning little bistro and bar has changed very little over time, even way back when the great artists like Picasso and Matisse used to drink there. If you really want to feel submerged deep in the French artistic culture, a visit to Au Lapin Agile is probably a must. Even though it is easily considered one of the best spots to drink in Paris, perhaps in all of France, it is also surprisingly not visited that often compared to many other local bars. Expect to be on the pricier side when you are paying for drinks here, but if you are staying in the nearby Renaissance Paris Republique Hotel then you might well be saving some money anyway. All in all, a Parisian jewel which you shouldn’t miss.

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Shakespeare & Company

If you want to visit one of the oldest bookshops anywhere in the world, then Paris has just the thing. The Shakespeare & Company bookshop has stood on the South of the river since 1919, and it is still in the hands of the family who originally opened it. This shop is famous for being the first selling place of James Joyce’s modern epic Ulysses, so it is more than just a bookshop – it’s a bookshop with real literary acclaim and true history embedded in its soul. For the literary travelers out there, you would never forgive yourself if you didn’t stop by this shop at least for some window-shopping.

Have you had the chance to visit any of these fabulous places?

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10 thoughts on “Explore Paris’ Hidden World

  1. Thanks for new ideas, Haley. A few more little gems to visit would be the Pantheon, where you can see Foccault’s pendulum swinging back and forth changing with the Earth’s rotation, but also climb to the top of the dome for stunning photos of the City. If you are a Davinci Code fan, you can go to St. Sulpice church to see the Rose line defining the exact time of Easter. If you are there for Sunday service, you can wait by the little door at the back of the church to hike up the many steps to the organ loft to meet with the organist (this is a Rick Steeves tip). The nearby Luxembourg Gardens are worth a stroll on a Sunday as well to see local families enjoying time together. Over on Place Vendome, do not miss the chance to look around inside Repetto Shoes, near Opera Palais Garnier (Also a must do). They started by making and selling ballet slippers in 1947 and now offer other ballet dress and fashion shoes as well. Very colourful and welcoming and they permit photos . Also along Place Vendome, you will find the Ritz Hotel where Princess Diana spent her last days and at the end of Place Vendome is a statue of Napolean dressed as Caesar. There are many more surprises to see in this beautiful city.

  2. I have been living in Paris as a student since September and am literally obsessed with the city. I will never ever get tired of it!! Although it isn’t exactly a hidden wonder, on of my favourite things to do is buy a fresh baguette, a big chunk of cheese and a bottle of wine and wonder along the banks of the Seine in the evenings. Absolute bliss!

  3. Ahhh – Shakespeare & Company, I absolutely love this bookstore. I only live about an hour from Paris so I go at least once a month and stock up on some new titles. The little cafe attached to it is always a treat to sit down and watch the tourists rushing by 🙂

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