New York: Day 3

Our third day in New York was probably one of the most busy and one of the most fun.

Firstly, we woke up to snow! This was the first decent snow of the season. Being from Tennessee, we have been experiencing snow less and less over the past few years. This was definitely a treat.

We walked downstairs to go and find some breakfast. The plan was to simply walk until we found something. On our way, we stopped by a store called The Hunt.


This is a small shop created by Dylan Rieder, Jake Lamagno and Steven Ditchkus located on the lower east side. It has unique antiques, furniture and other assorted oddities. My husband knew about this store because of Dylan Rieder, who was a professional skateboarder and model before passing away late last year.ย The store has an overall dark theme, and it is something really unique to check out.

We were getting hungry and desperate, so we stopped at this random place for brunch. It was both very expensive and very bad. The service was pretty awful as well. The place was called Casa Mezcal. I can’t speak for their food other than brunch.

So about 20 minutes later we were still hungry. We happened upon this small little pizza place. The man working was very old and very Italian. This was some of the best pizza that I have ever had.

We then went on to find a couple of murals we wanted to see.



IMG_1099.JPGThere was the Joe Strummer, Joey Ramone and MCA murals. All definitely worth a visit!


We also happened upon what was once CBGB’s. It is now a clothing store, but they kept some of the things inside the same. What a legendary place to get to see!



Along our way we saw the Flatiron Building and the Empire State Building.



We went into a hockey shop near the Flatiron building. It was very hard to find. We had to look for a certain door. Once we got inside it felt like an old residential building (which it probably was.) It was a small elevator with a door that we had to physically open once we got to the floor we wanted. It was pretty interesting.

After this, Macy’s was nearby so we felt it deserved a stop. This was yet another absolutely huge store. If you like shopping for days at a time, New York is most definitely for you.

Overall it was a busy day, and I think that I honestly just wanted to walk around in the snow.



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      • There’s so much to see in New York City and I always tell people if you can, visit some of what we call the outer boroughs , Brooklyn , Queens , Staten Island and the Bronx . The city , which is Manhattan , is well known and has most of the tourist attractions , but the outer boroughs are basically more historical .

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